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Welcome to the home of Soka e-Bulletin!

Happy New Year to all SGM members.

The year is 2005. May we strive even harder for kosen-rufu this year.

Auntie Corinda's Recycling is on again. This Sunday, 16th January 2005 at 10am. Same place, Tmn Megah squash court. Don't be late. Old newspapers, cardboards, bottles, cans... all welcome. 

BRIEF SUMMARIES of recent comments by President Ikeda in regards to the tsunami and earthquake in Asia.

Take note that these are ONLY summaries and are NOT official translations!

- "...soon after the disaster occurred, in his speech at a meeting on Dec. 28th, President Ikeda  responded by expressing his deep concern and sincere condolence for all those who passed away and their families, and said he is very earnestly chanting daimoku for all the victims. Also he urged everybody
to pray wholeheartedly for the best and most efficient forms of rescue to as many people as possible. (Dec. 29 Seikyo S.)

- In his speech at the New Year's leaders meeting on Jan. 2 at Makiguchi Memorial Hall, President Ikeda again expressed his deep condolences and concern for all the victims and their families and the severe damage that was caused by the massive earthquake on the island of Sumatra and from the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster. He mentioned that he is sincerely praying, as a Buddhist, for all those deceased victims and their families and also for the progress of all the disaster relief efforts and quick recovery and reconstruction.  (First paragraph of his speech, page 2, Seikyo Shimbun, January 5, 2005)

Nam myoho renge gyo, Nam myoho renge gyo, Nam myoho renge gyo!



Last Update: 14th January 2005

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