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Words of Encouragement
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Translations of President Ikeda's "To My Friends" and "Words of the Week" published in the Seikyo Shimbun.

Youth are our hope! It is our young people that our future depends upon!
Filled with fresh and youthful energy,let's start a fresh new journey towards victory in the next fifty years!
Just as magnificently as that of the rising sun the era of Soka has begun. The saying goes "Gain the upper hand by striking first."
Success is determined by the momentum or drive force that we have.
Through planning ahead of time and using our initiative to take action,
let's be successful in all our endeavours one after another!
As long as we possess the unflagging will to struggle for the sake of
kosen-rufu, we can transform absolutely any and every kind of problem or suffering that we may encounter in life, into one of meaningful value!
When you come up against unfairness, evil or injustice, express your outrage and be relentless in your refutation of such actions!
Those who have no sense of gratitude are people who are selfish and egotistical, and are unworthy of being called humans!
All of our dedicated actions for the happiness of others help to build our own happiness as well.

This is how great and wonderful the power of Buddhism is!
Remaining totally free from any type of accident or incident is one of the very first and important steps towards our being successful.

To all those people who so kindly help to organise and run our meetings, I hope that through your continual support, throughout this year, that every single meeting is absolutely safe and completely successful!
It is through being earnest and sincere with others that we are able to inspire and draw people to us.
Let humanity flourish!
Our movement for the cause of justice and good is further enhanced by such a spirit!
It is most important that every leader makes every effort to be courageous, patient and broad-minded!

Let us warmly embrace our fellow members, families and friends with a heart that is filled with joy!
By staying in good health and by having youthful vitality, let's live out our lives resolutely fulfilling our missions (for kosen-rufu)!

That is how we can create value throughout our lives!
Let's hold really refreshing, productive and fulfilling meetings that finish on time!
The first step towards our achieving  a "meeting revolution" is through our achieving a "time revolution!"

Let's advance by taking wise and efficient action for the sake of everyone!

Let's hold the type of discussion meeting where everyone plays an important role.

Let's also make sure to express our most sincere and heartfelt appreciation to those members and their families who have so kindly let us use their homes for activities (throughout the year)!

Let us all get ready to launch a really powerful, fresh start towards victory and success in the new year!
Let's help our local communities to flourish, at the same time let us contribute to the building and securing of peace in the world!
In the coming year, yet again, let's all continue to courageously and unyieldingly advance a revolution of hope by "establishing the correct teaching for the peace of the land."

Buddhism primarily concerns itself with victory or defeat.
When we speak out on behalf of justice and the truth,
it is vital that we address things head on!
"Come on, bring on all you've got!" With such a decisive spirit,
let's take on any and every challenge and come out victorious!
Let's bring forth all our strength, ability and wisdom and refute what is
clearly erroneous!
Let's be relentless in pointing out where injustice exists and dig out the roots of evil for the sake of peace and the happiness of all people!
It is through actually taking action that we can feel fulfilment,
improve and maintain our health, and accumulate good fortune.
In youthful and high spirits, let's aim straight towards victory!
Good friends are lifelong treasures!
Gaining the trust of others is a great asset in life!
Let us stand out as people who are absolutely sincere and reliable!
"A person who has conviction is a great individual."
This is what my mentor, Josei Toda, used to say.
Based on the unwavering conviction that there is absolutely no strategy capable of surpassing the Mystic Law, let us live out our lives (in great victory!)
Let's make sure to express our great appreciation and admiration for all the painstaking efforts and selfless dedication that our pioneer members (Taho-kai) have made and given for the sake of kosen-rufu!
At the same time let's do all we possibly can to help cultivate and develop the fresh power and abilities of our younger generations!
Let us all help to contribute to our beautiful and harmonious Soka family!
Buddhism is about our "behaviour as a human being."

By looking out for and caring for our neighbours and the neighbourhood in which we live in, let's develop good relations within our local community and gain others' trust!
Let's become the type of people who others can rely on and call upon in times of need!
Let's be on our guard against any type of malicious fraud.
Through developing and strengthening our (correct) wisdom,
let's keenly detect any perverse wisdom that we may find crooked people using, and not be deceived by such trickery!
A fire or an accident can cause not only yourself but also many other people to suffer.
We are all living in the world defiled by the five impurities.

Let's keep our minds open to paying ample attention to safety and take every precaution to prevent any type of accident or incident from occurring!
Let's make absolutely sure that we always double-check that everything around us is safe and secure!
First of all let's meet (and encourage) one person.
If one person can become happy, then everything will start to unfold for other people to become happy, too.
Let's, therefore, respect and cherish each of our fellow members with honest concern and care!
The strength of a single person can become the force of a thousand!
It is when we encounter difficulties that the first and foremost thing we need to do is chant daimoku!
Instead of grumbling or complaining about the situation,
make sure to consult someone trustworthy from amongst our fellow members and senior leaders about the problem!
By doing (all of the above), rest assured, we can certainly break through any kind of obstacle or problem.
Our faith manifests itself in our "behaviour as a human being."
Through our refreshing and cheerful greetings, with eyes that shine brightly with confidence, by paying special attention and caring for other people and our surroundings, etc.,
let's be successful in showing actual proof of our humanity!
It is through our wisdom, courage and good fortune that we can gain the strength to lead successful lives!
It is when we uphold justice and nurture our friendships that our lives
shine brightly!
Everything we need to be successful in life with is contained in our
practice of this faith.
Please try to take every precaution to prevent any fire from occurring!
Let's really chant in earnest and with the determination that absolutely no accident or incident will occur around us.

By taking appropriate care of cigarette ends, organising and cleaning up things, etc., let's make every effort that we can possibly think of to prevent a fire.
Also, when you leave the house double-check that everything is safe and sound!
Now, let's accelerate our activities to accomplish the goals we set out to achieve this year!
By seeing the year out in perfect victory and success, let us ready ourselves for a powerful launch into the new year of "Youth and Development"!
It is very important that leaders be courageous, in high spirits and full of passion!

If you yourself are vibrantly advancing then your fellow members can also advance confidently

Let's become the driving force for each other's growth and development!

Let's make every possible effort we can to avoid repeating the same problem or mistake again!
Chant daimoku seriously, wholeheartedly and resolutely until your prayer is completely answered!
It is through such chanting that we can transform any negative karma we have into true happiness.
Don't be discouraged or give up simply because  you have an unfavourable environment or that things don't go the way you want them to!

Both in our work and in our (SGI) activities, it's important for us to face whatever challenges there might be with optimism and positivism.
Let's shine where we are right now, let's bring out the best in ourselves!
People who face their challenges with such enthusiasm will certainly come out as champions (in life)!
When we help foster young people's development,
it is vital that we have "sincere interactions" with them.
Let's sincerely make every effort to support them in our activities
so that everyone of them can enjoy their participation
and all of us can enthusiastically advance together!

We are living in a turbulent and defiled age. As Nichiren Daishonin warns in his writings, "Maintain a strict guard at night."
Let's prudentially make wise decisions (especially when we are out at night)!
Let's make every possible effort to keep any type of accident or incident from occurring in our advancement!
When we encourage others, it is very important that we give concrete and down-to-earth guidance.
By sharing our own personal experiences with conviction,
let's move their hearts so that they can feel satisfied and that they go away feeling confident (that they can certainly overcome whatever they are challenging!
There is nobody more respectworthy than the person who resolutely continues to dedicate their time to encouraging their friends.
Let us cherish and sincerely look after our fellow members!
Let's help all those who are new or younger in the practise
so that they can make great strides in their faith and become outstanding individuals.

There is no better "teacher" in life than what we learn from the trials and tribulations that we encounter.

It is right when we are going through the very worst or the most difficult of situations that we can achieve our human revolution.
Stand firm! Come out a winner! And never ever give up!
Let's summon up and manifest all the strength of a Buddha!
Let's be successful in every challenge we undertake,
even if it's a very small endeavour,
let's carefully and without being negligent, put all our might into the
Continuously just like flowing water,
and without ever regressing like the water of a great river,
let's create a great history of being ever victorious!
Employ the strategy of the Lotus Sutra before any other
Neither the earth nor the universe are ever at a standstill, not even for a single moment.
By fusing with the rhythm of the Mystic Law, let us also advance just as dynamically as the universe does!
The ability to guide and advise people depends on how sincere, caring, and patient we are a  half-hearted, do it as you fancy attitude is one that really is lacking in compassion!
Let's really put our hearts into warmly looking after our fellow members
supporting them through our daimoku and a strong commitment towards their success!
Let's make every possible effort
to keep any type of accident or incident
from occurring and so protect our dear fellow members!
In particular let us make sure that our YWD & WD members
do not get home too late!
Let us all take the responsibility of making sure that meetings and other activities start and finish on time.
It is just when someone is struggling in a difficult situation
that we need to make sure to reach out and encourage them!
Let's make their problems our own problems and chant with them,
chanting and encouraging them until the sun of hope rises in their hearts.
Gaining the trust of others is
one of the vital assets of a young person's life
Let's be successful in the morning!
Let's be successful in the greetings we give to others!
And let's leave behind in our wake results that show how successful we have indeed been!

To Sensei for his words of encouragement, THANK YOU!